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As a company, Nümph A/S including Anerkjendt, And Less and any other brands we might introduce recognizes our responsibility towards people, society and nature and as a company;
we wish to work in a sustainable way.

For us, sustainable development is about preserving the planet while improving the quality of life for its current and future inhabitants.Therefore, we have decided to follow the general ten principles from the UN Global Compact. UN Global Compact is a global network of companies, who all wishes to contribute pro-actively to the solution of some of the world’s social and environmental challenges. Nümph A/S even goes a step further and we have added additional two principles regarding animals, monitoring and evaluation. These 12 principles have been written down in our Code of Conduct, which all our suppliers have to sign and follow in order for them to do business with us. It is essential for us that all our suppliers understand our high expectations regarding environment challenges, anti-corruption as well as working- and human rights etc..

In order to ensure, that our suppliers follow our policies regarding CSR and Code of Conduct, we will increase the control locally by the suppliers.


Kolding, September 2016

Nümph A/S

Download our Code of Conduct, which is signed by all our suppliers.

Code of Conduct

About Anerkjendt

Anerkjendt was founded in 2011, located in the southern part of Denmark in an old authentic warehouse. Being a streetwear brand, we aim to sense and catch the street vibes all over the world and translate them into the Anerkjendt style. We focus a lot on fabric development by hand picking our fabrics ourselves, adding an extra edge and quality to our Danish design.

Anerkjendt   Niels P Thomsens Vej 3   7500 Holstebro   tlf +45 97 41 04 15